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Over the years, the University of Ilorin community has witnessed the occurrence of many sporting events but never before has there been one which is set to be as comprehensive and uniting as the Unilorin League.

Basically a football tournament, the Unilorin League is borne out of the need to promote the physical and mental health of members of the Students Union, and is set to be a microcosm of what is obtained in standard football leagues, all over the world.

The league will ingrain a battle between ten (10) teams, which will each comprise thirty (30) students spanning across every faculty in the University. As typical of any formal football procedure, there shall be some technical staff which, in this case, would be 5 in number (the coach inclusive).

A breakdown of the foregoing reveals that the league shall be hosting at least three hundred and fifty (350) individuals. The reason for including this large number of individuals’ is due to our aim to give most football-loving students an opportunity to participate in the scheme of things, secondly to promote transparency and fairness. Among these personnel would be licensed referees.

An assurance of this occasion is its time duration. Consisting of no fewer than 90 matches (played on weekends), the league shall span across two (2) semesters from November 2016 to June/July 2017 after which winners will emerge and be awarded respectively.