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Sponspor Unilorin League


As much as we realize that we can’t do without your financial assistance, so are we confident that your kind gesture will not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

The University of Ilorin is made up of no fewer than 30,000 students. Your sponsoring/partnership this tournament would be a huge leap in showcasing your desire to fulfill a Corporate Social Responsibility, and build a strong relationship with the student population. Deducible from the attempt by many brands to strengthen bonds with visionary schemes, this will be a big boost for your organization.

Also, the Students Union will see to the entrenchment of what it deems as “sport marketing and merchandise.” Every jersey to be used in this tournament shall bear the name, brand or logo of respective sponsors. This will be a great way to promote brands and increase adverts and promotions. Your organization would most likely become an everyday name both during and after the tournament.

Most importantly, our website (Unilorinleague.org) receives nothing lesser than 20,000 unique visitors per month. Being our sponsor will earn you the inclusive right of campaigning and display your adverts on our site.


As already noted, the Unilorin League is billed to be a huge event for the University community and its environs. Thus, we hope to be expending a reasonable quantity of resources, in order to make it hitch-free. This is the reason why your organization’s financial partnership is dearly implored. With a promising budget, our objectives are detailed as follows:

  • Sustaining the League: Never before has there been a competition that will last as long as this. As a result, there is a need to keep it going till the very end.
  • Catering for Athletes: Athletes need to be catered for, to keep their passion for the competition burning. From giving out “Match Bonuses” and a few fringe benefits. Normally, the exhausting academic activities should be enough to dissuade many from participating in the league, but we hope to forestall such occurrence by providing the athletes with the necessary benefit to keep them going.
  • Reimbursing the Match Officials: As previously stated, the Football Board Committee would like to procure the services of external, licensed match officials who will be in charge of the tournament’s matches they include referees and linesmen and this will be made possible with a serviceable cost fee.
  • Providing Match Kits: The athletes need to be provided with various football kits including jerseys, soccer boots and soccer boots. Due to the number of anticipated participants, this requirement will most likely tug our resources.
  • Obtaining Necessary Equipment: There will be the procurement of equipment such as footballs, goal nets, training cones and equipment, linesman’s flags and whistles.

Compensations for Participants and Awards for Winners: After the long tussle, we would love to appreciate participants for their vibrancy and unalloyed support. Thus, prizes shall be awarded. And for the winners of the tournament, there shall be the awarding of medals and a cup.